As part of DisGraceLanD Entertainment, Skindicate was founded in order to provide a safe and comfortable setting for individuals to rise above the limits or triumph over the negative by offering private suspension sessions. Skindicate is dedicated to artistic expression and entertainment by offering a variety of options available to astound and astonish guests. Our performers demonstrate amazing and dangerous feats with effortless grace and passion. With a focus on continuing education and training to evolve the art form, Skindicate is happy to guide individuals through their personal journey in addition to leaving guests in awe while providing performances which amaze and inspire. Strong advocates for safety and high quality, Skindicate will assist in the reconnection of body, mind and spirit through dreams of desire of flight.

Based out of New York and Atlanta, Skindicate often travels the East Coast from Florida to NY offering both private suspensions as well as performances in addition to hosting events. Whether you are interested in an indoor or outdoor suspension, public or private, or you are looking to hire entertainment, feel free to contact us for additional details, or we will be happy to address any questions at skindicate@gmail.com