Contact us via the contact tab here on our website, email at,, or phone (631) 560-7573 and we will take the necessary steps to scheduling an appointment for private suspensions or meeting regarding performance art. We hope to hear from you soon!  What are you waiting for?


Skindicate is now based in NY but has a chapter in Atl as well and has preformed in NY, NC, SC as well as FL.  From entertaining small crowds to over fifty thousand, we can customize a show to fit your budget.  If you're interested in a private suspension, we can accommodate indoor or outdoor, various and beautiful environments.  We love to travel, so gather 6 or more interested individuals and we could come to you if you're outside our area!


Why do people jump out of airplanes, or run marathons?  The answer is different for everyone.  For the adrenaline junkie, it's a rush.  For those pushing their limits, or facing their fears, it's a hurdle to overcome.  For us it's an art form as well as recreation.  For some it's a rite of passage, a marker from one point in time to another.  There are things that take place in life before this experience, and after, but it is a turning point for many in how they view the world around them.  Some people claim to have an almost out of body experience or epiphany.  We can't promise enlightenment, but doubt that your first time will be your last! 


Skindicate holds monthly meetings as well as various performances, in addition to attending suscons, conventions and events.


Body suspension is the art of placing hooks through the skin in various parts of the body by temporary piercings and being lifted off the ground.  Skindicate also offers play piercing, as well as corset piercing, skewering, kavadi and flesh pulls.


Kaspa Disgrace, a body piercer of 12 years and suspension practitioner of 7, formerly of Disgraceland Hook Squad, moved to Atlanta after seeing a need for a  group in the southeast area.  He partnered with Mandolynne, an Atlanta piercer and suspension practioner, and a new division of DisGraceLanD Entertainment was born.  Now they have chapters both in Atl and NYC.  The team is made up of an eclectic bunch ranging from tattoo artists to students.  Skindicate often collaborates with other groups all over the world.  If you're interested in attending a meeting to learn more about joining our crew, contact us for additional details.