I cannot describe how I felt in those moments.  This was a life changing event. Damn I look good though. I owe all the Skindicate crew so much for giving me an experience I'll never forget, and ecstasy I've never felt before. -Kyle

It's been real gratifying to experience what I did with with you all. Sacred in the truest sense of the word, it couldn't have been done without the right people along for the ride.

Through it, trauma and baggage was exorcised. My mind went through the extraordinary as it was dissembled and reassembled strong and ready and get the fuck on with life. I truly don't give a fuck how crazy anyone thinks we could be, I was in the right company of non-basic/ordubart people who arent afraid to go beyond labels and sand-boxed life experiences.

Nothing in life has ever been as life changing as experiencing what I did with Skindicate Suspension.

Thank everyone for being a part or simply taking part to carry on the torch to the practice of suspending. Through it, I've found emotional catharsis as well as method to exalt both the mind and body. -Harmonica

I did my second suspension with the skindicate crew and I've never been happier, it was emotional and I'm at a loss for words! -Harry Leroy Hillyer (Indelibleink, Gosport, UK)

. . .everyone's love and confidence boosted me into the air and I absolutely loved every bit of it! Thank you for such a wonderful experience everyone! The support and love that I felt in that room is indescribable and it's still coursing through my veins. -Nich

I was up for 6 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime... The seconds dilated into hours... And it was perfect... I can't try to sum up why I like it, except the broad stroke of it being cathartic...Being able to release the anger, the hurt, the stress, and all the negatives inside me in one single action and being surrounded by such amazingly supportive people who share in that with me in those moments... I love it...It's what I needed... -Cris

You have shown me true acceptance, friendship and what fellowship with kindred spirits does for the soul. Thank you all for being a special and wonderful part of my life!​ -Lisa

When I first laid eyes on the crew of Skindicate suspention I had three thoughts;
-What a beautiful group of individuals.
-"OMG is that a shark hook!?"
& This is exactly what a family looks like. Supportive of each others trails and errors and Always pushing each other to do what they love to do, to another level. 

I had the opportunity to watch them perform a total of two times, and each one was as sick and twisted as the last..."Death Metal, fire and flying Sirens" would be a cheap, two bit description of what actually happens on stage. its transfixing, grueling and somehow inspiring...ultimately leading me to my first suspension at the hands of Kaspa and his crew.

I honestly had no idea what to expect from a four point suicide (even the name had me a bit on edge). They sat me down in a sterile environment and began pepping me for the hooks. Two of the crew laid the hooks in, two at a time at the same time till all four were laid. They walked me up to the stage and explained the sensation the best way one could (similar to when people ask me how a Tattoo will feel). After instruction on what to do while swinging, they took me hand in hand and walked be back an forth until finally- one solid push from the back and I was off of the ground!!! The feeling of what I though was my skin ripping turns to chills down my spine and tingles in my feet....the weight of the world was literally, and not just figuratively was transferred from my feet to my shoulders...and it was exhilarating. 

I looked up to see the view of the long Island sunset illuminating a September Crescent Moon, with Venus glimmering in the background. The moment was more than spiritual for me. I could not have asked for anything better- content beyond belief, Humbled beyond comprehension...Thank you Skindicate suspention, for simply doing what you misfits love to do...and cheers! for being damn good at it.--Wolfgang O'Toole.

A suspension show that looked as if it was born from an unholy union between Cirque Du Soleil and Satan. -Rebel Ink Magazine, Feb/March 2014

MY life is divided into two sections. Before suspension and after suspension. I don't think I started fully living and growing as a person until after the first time my feet left the ground. -Kimmy

I 100% recommend Kaspa Disgrace to any of my friends who want work done I loved that the environment and demeanor of both him and his assistant was friendly and relaxing.. nothing was cold and clinical... they both made me feel very comfortable --Summer

It's hard for me to put into words what suspension means to me; the only thing I find myself repeating to attempt to convey to others ~ is that I put suspending on the same level with both having my children and meeting my husband.  - Branwyn

Having you guys split it was probably one of the best experiences of my life.  : )  You guys are the best!  -Brianne

Having this experience was very empowering, its a thing that i wont come back from you know. like i turned a corner and wont be the same again. -Matt

One of the greatest moments of my life. -Charlie (regarding suspension at DisGraceGivinG)

​A knot is tied. A line is measured and cut. A shackle clas
ped. Another and another, simplicity perfected, not a moment or a movement wasted. Another line and another knot building upon one another until, in one deft movement, the threads of a tapestry you didn't know you were weaving are pulled taught and you begin to fly. Every step you've taken is monumentally important because it has led you to this moment, every doubt and every misstep agonized over for far too long become truly inconsequential. When I say body modification saved my life it is not an exaggeration, and though the act of suspension can be transformational, without the energy, support and technical skill of my facilitators Kaspa and Mandolynne it would have amounted to nothing more than another box checked, another notch in my belt. The strength and enlightenment that they have shared in me has gotten me through the most difficult experience of my life and for that I am forever thankful. From my very first conversation with Kaspa I knew I was in the very best of hands. His passion is infectious and undeniable, and his willingness to answer questions and offer information is the mark of a truly competent and skilled practitioner. I wanted to enter the experience as raw and open as possible, but the few questions I did have were answered promptly and happily. He impressed upon me numerous times that if I had any concerns or questions or misgivings he would be more than happy to assuage my doubts and fill my brain with delightful knowledge. But the proof of the pudding is in the baking, as they say, and aside from a few last minute venue/scheduling issues one could not have possibly planned a better private suspension session. Done at a local aerial arts studio, the space was immediately filled with the sort of open and welcoming love that we experience all too rarely in our lives. Kaspa began his rigging as Mandolynne set up the piercing table and handled all the legal nonsense. Once that was settled it was time to start flying. Though I had never worked with Mandolynne or Kaspa before this, watching them work on the first fly of the day showed just how proficient and skilled they are. The fact that it was on Regan, Mandolynne's daughter, removed any last minute jitters and nervousness I might have had. Though we had all just met, the small group of friends and loved one who showed up for support all became fast friends and the same support and love was shown to everyone who went up that day. If you can truly judge a person by the company they keep, then these are good people indeed. Conversation started flowing, music started playing, and one by one we each went up into the sky and came down different. Better. I know it's different for everyone, and though I enjoy and actively seek the purely physical pleasures of body modification it is undeniable that I am forever changed. For my own part, the strength and clarity of vision I gained from this experience is pretty much the only thing that has seen me through the suicide of my younger brother, which occurred just a few short weeks after my suspension. As I said before body modification saved my life when I was younger, and though I've stepped away from it for a while, it was there and waiting to save me again, before I even knew I needed it. It is said that service to others is the highest of distinctions, and to have dedicated your life to serving others in such a powerful and profound way is certainly not the worst way one could spend their time on this earth. After my experiences with Kaspa and Mandolynne I'm looking forward to meeting and working with the rest of the DisGraceLanD family, to pushing my body and my mind further than I ever imagined and becoming the sideshow geek I've always dreamed of being. -Doc.